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Restore Recovery

On occasions, some incidences or needs make it necessary for a DBA to carry out DB recovery tasks in order to avoid data loss or to return the DB or part of it to its state at a previous point in time.

RMAN and Flashback are complementary technologies offering great flexibility in the treatment of human or hardware errors resulting in physical data loss or logical data corruption.

Our experience as DBAs, combined with a suitable backup policy, allows us to offer our clients the following services:

  • RMAN datafile, tablespace or DB restoration (restore)
  • DB complete recovery
  • DB incomplete recovery (Point In Time Recovery)
  • Incomplete restoration at tablespace level (Tablespace Point In Time Recovery)
  • Flashback table, flashback query, flashback transaction or flashback database data recovery
  • DB replication and movement

If you need more information about Oracle DB restore and recovery, please contact Alberto and Antón using the following contact form.