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Data Architecture

The Data Architect, also known in some organizations as
Data Analist...

  • Are the responsibilities associated with this professional profile well-known?
  • Have we identified the professionals with this profile?

Probably, you have negative answers to these questions. We invite you to reflect on this figure.

The data of any organization, its information, should be structured so as to avoid any kind of data duplication or incoherence as this would lead to increased storage maintenance, reliability and security costs.

That is why creating a global scheme of all the data in our organization is a must, and equally important it is to bring it up to date in order to facilitate and support its growth.
Ultimately, the person of the organization responsible for Computer Science should take care of this, but in fact these responsibilities belong to the data architect or analyst.

We are not talking here about a functional analyst or a DBA, but about someone who encompasses these two profiles, collaborating in the definition, preservation, security and maintenance of data. Thus, on the one hand, this professional would work as a functional analyst, following a functional approach, but with a more global perspective — their efforts applied to the whole organization, not to a specific implementation or solution. On the other hand, this profile includes the technical knowledge typical of a DBA, but with a higher level of abstraction and detachment from base software and hardware.

We offer guidance in the creation and development of this profile within your organization. We are committed to offering visible results that allow your organization to have a wide, detailed vision of all your data, which means saving maintenance costs and maximising the security and reliability of all the information on which the decision-making process of your organization is based.

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