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Oracle Installation

Installing Oracle software involves much more than simply executing the installation file. Apart from the database, we have additional products that go between the operating system and the database manager. These products, which are available on 10g but that are grouped under the name Grid Infrastructure on 11gR2, are theASM disk volume manager and the Clusterware cluster software. They are key elements to high availability configurations with RAC, and they are particularly relevant in failover environments or in simple instance configurations without high availability.

Storage is one of the main factors in the elaboration of an Oracle database environment. Single instance databases and RAC databases can use different storage solutions, either local or shared, and a correct configuration that ensures the best access to data with a suitable distribution of I/O operations is fundamental for the future performance of the database.

Training given to users and groups at an operating system level must also reflect the policy of role separation to be applied, so that DB, storage and cluster access privileges are established and limited.

Due to the configurations installed by default, on many occasions the Oracle software installed does not correspond with the license previously hired. Eventually, this could bring about problems with Oracle. You should avoid this.

If you wish to install Oracle software, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto using the following contact form.