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Almudena Viña

Almudena Viña has a Degree in Mathematics by the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her capacity for logical, systematic thinking, along with discipline and accuracy are traits of her personality that she applies to her personal and professional life.

Her strong analysis and synthesis skills, along with her rigorous treatment of data allow her to obtain the best possible results, while optimizing the final product value.

For more than seven years she worked for different private and public companies, her jobs involving areas such as Linux system administration, Storage Area Networks (SAN), analysis of requirements prior to new systems development or corrective and evolutive maintenance in Oracle databases.

In 2011 she opted for this latter line of work, and joined Alberto and Antón in their project. In this same year, she obtained her Oracle 11g OCP certification. Since then, she has continued the effort and dedication that quality, competitive work requires.

Freelanca Orable DBA
Freelanca Orable DBA