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José Rodríguez

José Rodríguez is a systems graduated at University of A Coruña since 2005 and computer enthusiast since his first Spectrum from late 80's.

After 4 years of professional career as a multipurpose engineer in the "Asociacion de Antigos Alumnos" of USC, support agent with Stream and a increasingly specialised professional in Softtek - General Electric, in 2008 obtains his OCA 10gR2 certification and initiates his career as a DBA.

Working with several relational database management systems like SQL Server or Sybase, in addition to Oracle, little by little adds to his rucksack knowledge about administration of operating systems, networkwing and storage systems becoming, as he calls himself, a DBA 2.0, this is, a DBA able to deal with all the software and hardware layers that support a database.

After the first period of 2 years in these high availability and maximum security environments, starts as a member part of the databases team at Inditex, still with Softtek, to start growing knowledge about IBM DB2 LUW, while maintaining the Oracle and SQL Server databases of the retail giant. Using this time to improve his skills in database tuning, from overall system performance down to queries or applications running on the database system.

Completed this period begins his high specialisation in Oracle, starting in 2011 as part of the database team of RCable Galicia, with Altia, where he fully applies the skills developed in previous years to maintain a platform of more than 80 critical systems on a high availability infrastructure, using both RAC and virtualization, finishing this stage as team lead of the system administrator team.

Good team player, also enjoys both the individual challenges and the pressure during emergencies.

His strong point is communication, being able to move to end users the useful information for them while, at the same time, manages to translate to technical needs the business requirements, achieving a synergy system-business highly productive for both.