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Oracle Performance

More than 15 years of experience in a wide variety of environments allow us to detect performance problems in a fast, efficient way.

A DB performance consultancy project would help to detect and correct problems, saving hardware upgrade costs and minimizing migration times. Furthermore, hardware upgrading is not always a solution, as the problem itself remains and scalability is limited.

As far as Oracle DBs are concerned, performance analysis should take two important aspects into account: SQL tuning and DB and instance tuning.

SQL performance tuning
In case of performance problems, Oracle recommends that SQL tuning should be tackled first, even before instance,DB or system tuning are carried out.

This is because redesigning transactions or queries can be a great way to improve global performance in itself. Thus, this is of vital importance to global performance analysis.

We must bear in mind at all times that an Oracle DB is a transactional system. A transaction is the smallest unit of data manipulation. We must concentrate on each of these units individually in order to optimize them, starting from the heaviest ones and taking into account the global transactional load of the system (required transactions per minute) as well as resource locking.

We should also take into account that an Oracle DB engine has been optimized to best deal with data through a declarative lenguaje (SQL) rather than a procedural one (PL or C).

Oracle performance tuning
Although most of the problems can be solved by means of SQL tuning, changes in DB instance parameters and DB system configuration are sometimes needed.

  • Instance and DB performance analysis.
  • Operating system and storage analysis.
  • Batch process performance testing.
  • Backup control and performance.
  • DB parameterizing
  • Wait event identification and resolution.
  • Heavy process identification.
  • Advice and implementation of new configurations to improve performance.

Should you need more information on Oracle DB and instance performance and SQL, do not hesitate to contact Alberto and Antón using the following contact form.