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For many business models, the cost of DB unavailability can be really high. And the longer the downtime, the higher the cost.

In order to maximize the availability of an Oracle DB, Real Application Clusters, RAC can be used. This technology allows you to create an n-node cluster where all of the nodes actively work on the same database in such a way that the database is completely transparent to the applications that access it.

RAC has two main advantages: its high availability, and its scalability. Thus, it is possible to add nodes to the cluster, thus increasing the DB processing capability.

The main features of RAC solutions are:

  • High availability. Node failures will not affect DB availability, and they will become transparent to the application.
  • Scalability. The cluster and, as a consequence, the processing capability, can grow up by adding new servers.
  • The definition of services allows you to differenciate connections to the database and distribute them according to the DBA’s judgment.
  • Automatic load balancing between nodes, which are used based on their load.
  • Fast Application Notification allows applications to receive information on changes at cluster level, such as node failures, for instance.
  • TAF (Transparent Application Failover) allows you to configure connections for automatic failover and to re-launch queries that were already being executed. This implies that if the session is halted due to instance failure, it will be automatically re-established, continuing its work without the user’s intervention.

We are conscious of RAC potential and we offer our experience in administration of databases with a clear orientation towards availability. It is a highly recommended option, and it is not necessarily expensive, taking into account that it is included in the Standard Edition.

If you wish to administrate your RAC in a reliable way, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto using the following contact form.