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Security Auditory

Our long experience as DBAs tells us that information is the most critical element of organizational activity.

Data unavailability causes activity stoppage. Data incoherence or inconsistency brings about decision-making errors. And free, insecure access to data may end in sabotage or information leaks- not to mention the associated legal implications.

A security audit would give away all the risks your organization is taking, and it would be the first step to take in order to look for and find solutions.

On the other hand, are you sure that your backup processes are suitable and in line with your availability and storage needs? An audit carried out by an expert DBA can give you the answer to that question.

Do not risk your data. Make sure that they are always available, no matter what happens.

If you want to know more about the risks you might be taking, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto via the following contact form.